Dundonnell Smoked Salmon

Scottish Smoked Salmon

To see our smoked salmon products and to order, click under list at Shop Products to left.

We aim to give you a very friendly and most efficient service. Our Scottish smoked salmon is prepared to the highest standards for your enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy our scottish smoked salmon.

Our Shopping Cart is very easy to use, but if you find it a bit daunting just email me - Ron - my address is at the foot of this page. I promise a prompt response.


Just a note to say our website is possibly not too friendly to placing orders via mobile phones, this we apologise for. This is an investment we couldn't justify as we are retiring soon. Use a pc or tablet these seem to be the most sussessful routes to order via, alternatively phone us.

Last shipping date is 19th December.

Shop will close week commencing 17th december.









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