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Dundonnell Smoked Salmon

Smoked Organic Salmon

Our Smoked Organic Salmon comes from Organic Salmon that are grown to the exacting aquaculture standards as laid down by the Soil Association and Organic Food Organisation. These standards ensure that the whole farming operation has minimal impact on its surrounding environment, management standards are such as to minimise veterinary intervention, pesticides are prohibited to protect the environment and salmon feed diets have to be from natural origins including for example the pigment source is shrimp shell or faphnia. These are only a small indication of the requirements in the Organic aquaculture standards of both organisations.
These beautiful Organic salmon are amazingly flavoursome,they grow just as well as their bright pink relatives and for our purposes cure and smoke sublimely. An unusual colour for a smoked salmon, but the taste of our smoked organic salmon is truely excelent.
Smoked Organic Salmon - 200 gm Sliced Pack Smoked Organic Salmon
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