Dundonnell Smoked Salmon

Scottish Smoked Salmon and Smoked Trout

Before salmon sides are smoked they are cured with salt. Some smokeries add sugar and even spirits, herbs and spices, this is not our practice, we keep it simple and use salt alone. The curing process will last almost a full day before the prepared salmon fillets are placed in the smoking chamber.

Smoking originally had nothing to do with flavour and everything to do with preserving, Now smoking is all about flavour and there are several variations to this too! Normally oak chips are used,  and then to add that little ‘je ne sais quoi’ many smokehouses use sawdust from the barrels that have matured the famous Scottish whiskies! In the past strong smokes were popular – we now find the general public do not care for a ‘kipper’ taste and prefer the actual salmon flavour to dominate – a more subtle taste to suit our ever widening palate.
Honey Roast Salmon - 1 large  portion about 150gms to 200gms per pack Honey Roast Chunk
Piri Piri Salmon - 200 gm Sliced Piri-Piri
Smoked Salmon - 1 Kilo Fully Trimmed Side (UNSLICED)
Smoked Salmon Trimmings - 250gm tray packs SOLD OUT
Smoked Trout - 3 x 200 gm Sliced Packs
Variety Box - 5 varieties of 200gms pack
Whisky Cured - Whisky Cured - 200gm Sliced Pack SOLD OUT
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