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How To Cook Fresh Langoustines

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16 September 2015
If you’re a seafood fan, you’re sure to want to whip up a dish or two containing fresh langoustines – a white shellfish similar to the lobster but about the size of a big prawn – from time to time. But if you’ve never come across these delicacies before, where do you even begin? Here’s our guide to cooking them to perfection every time.

You need to be careful when cooking langoustines as they’re quite delicate and if not handled properly, you can easily ruin the meat. Always try and use fresh, live langoustines if possible and simply bring a big pot of water – heavily salted – to the boil. Only cook a couple at a time as they do better when there aren’t lots of them in the pot.

They should be done in about three minutes but you can check by looking at the meat beneath the tail. It should have gone from pale pink to white. Once done, leave them on a tray to cook as quickly as possible – but never dunk them in cold water to get the job done.

To eat them, all you do is pull the tail from the head and claws. Just dip it in a bit of mayonnaise and munch away. Don’t forget the head or claws – you can get the meat out by using lobster picks and crackers, although if you don’t have these in your kitchen drawer at home, a simple teaspoon and nutcrackers will more than suffice.

You’ll find there are hundreds of different recipes to try out. Just take a look at these on the BBC Good Food website to get you started.View External Site >>>

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