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What's In Season: November

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03 November 2015
Autumn is a wonderful time for home cooks as there is so much delicious produce that comes into season at this time of year. If you're wondering what to start cooking up this November, here are a few ideas.

Game birds

Birds like pheasant are all in season right now so stock up on the likes of partridge, pigeon and more. Your kitchen will smell delicious and the family will wish it was November all year round! When preparing, remember that pheasant legs can be quite touch, so braise these slowly in stews. And make sure the breast is well basted as there is little fat to be found on a pheasant.

Sea food

You should also fill your fridge with sea bass and scallops at this time of year, both of which are now in season. You can either grill, fry or steam scallops (but only cook them for a short amount of time) and with sea bass make sure that the scales and spines are removed before cooking.


You can substitute venison for beef in the majority of recipes. If you're roasting, look out for haunch, fillet, loin or saddle, but remember that the meat is very lean so quick roasting would be preferable. Braise or stew the shin, neck and shoulder as these are tougher.


Shop for kale, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, horseradish, Brussels sprouts and cabbage if you want to keep your greens seasonal as well.

Head online to find recipes that use all these ingredients. We guarantee you'll be eating well this November.View External Site >>>

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