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What Goes Well With Whole Kippers?

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25 November 2015
Whole kippers are absolutely delicious, a very traditional smoked fish that was very popular back in Edwardian times. If you’re keen to start eating more fish in the coming year, this would be a great place to start – so here are a couple of ideas of what to serve with this type of fish.

Poached eggs

A stunning accompaniment to kippers is a poached egg or two. The flavours really complement each other, so whip up a supper of kippers, poached eggs and spicy rice (add in coriander, cumin, cardamom, chilli or saffron) for an amazingly wholesome supper or brunch.


The sweetness of cucumber goes perfectly with the smoky flavour of the fish. What about making kipper pate and serving it up on some cucumber slices instead of toasted bread? Or you could whip up a cucumber salad and throw in some kippers for a tasty and very healthy lunch.


You may well balk at this idea but kippers and custard is a tried and tested dinner time option. Don’t worry, though, it’s a savoury custard – so not the kind you’d expect in your sherry trifle.


If you’re after something tasty for brunch, why not make kipper Florentine? Spinach works wonderfully with this type of fish and you can try it with your poached eggs again for a scrumptious way to start the day.

We’d love to know how you serve up your kippers at breakfast, lunch and supper, so come along and drop us a line to share your recipes.View External Site >>>

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