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Why Not Consider Game Birds For Christmas Dinner?

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27 November 2015
For many people, Christmas dinner is one of the main highlights of the festive season. Nothing quite beats sitting around the table with friends and family to indulge in your favourite foods - plus Brussels sprouts, of course.

Turkey is the nation's favourite centrepiece for the main Xmas meal, but why not consider mixing things up this year and opting for game birds instead? Whether it's pigeon, partridge or pheasant, these feathered foods can revitalise your festive feast. Try saying that out loud after a few eggnogs!

While turkey is traditional, many people complain it lacks flavour and often ends up dry when cooked incorrectly. Game birds are hung after shooting, which allows them to develop a deep, rich flavour that tantalises the tastebuds.

Game can also be leaner and less fatty than many other roasts, particularly pork and beef. This means you can get an early head start on your New Year's Resolution to lose weight and improve fitness. Whether you stick to your resolution or not is another question entirely.

Lastly, game birds can be great if you're intending to have a cosier Christmas with fewer guests, as they are much smaller than the average turkey. In fact, Premium turkeys cost anywhere between £5.74 and £11.99 a kilo, so a big Christmas dinner could run up a significant bill.

If this Christmas feels like the time to try something new, why not buy an assortment of game birds? It may be the start of a new tradition in your household for generations to come. View External Site >>>

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