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How To Debone Smoked Trout

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04 December 2015
If you've decided to have smoked trout as a Christmas treat this year, you should learn how to debone a fish so you can wow your friends and family with your culinary skills.

Luckily, it's not too hard to learn so with a bit of practice you'll be able to do it in next to no time. Here's a quick guide to getting it right.

First of all, clean and gut your fish, then place it on its side so that the spine faces towards you. Dip both your hands into some coarse salt so you can get a better grip on the fish, as they can be quite slippery and this will make your job much harder.

Take your filet knife and slice down the spine from the head to the tail. Now you want to separate the filets. Look out for the rib bones on each filet and slice them and the meat away from the rest of the fish. Throw this away.

Next, you want to knead the meat of the fish from the head to the tail in order to make the pin bones come through the flesh, so rub your knuckles along the fish. Then you have the fun (and relatively time-consuming) task of using tweezers to remove all the pin bones from the fish carefully.

The longer you take, the more sure you can be that all the bones have been removed - very important if you're planning a fancy dinner and don't want your guests to be constantly chewing through mouthfuls of bone.View External Site >>>

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