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Top 3 Christmas dinner starters

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07 December 2015
Christmas Day dinner is, for most people, the most anticipated meal of the year, with hosts ordering their turkey, game or meat weeks in advance and planning their menu meticulously.

One way to make it really special is to include a delicious starter. Here are some of our favourite first courses that will whet your appetite for the main event.

Smoked salmon with beetroot and vodka crème fraiche.

Having smoked salmon as a starter on Christmas Day is a favourite for many, as it is light so won’t fill you up too much.

A great way to serve it is with shredded cooked beetroot, and a sauce of crème fraiche, horseradish and vodka. The kick of the vodka will be a surprise for most of your guests, and will no doubt prepare their stomachs for more festive tipples later in the day.

Crayfish cocktail

Everyone’s heard of prawn cocktail, with the retro starter still present on many Christmas menus. However, if you want to enhance the dish a little, why not swap prawns for larger, juicier crayfish?

Not only will it be incredibly tasty, but it will add a special quality to your meal, as crayfish is probably not something you have every day.

Grilled goats cheese with cranberry dressing

Two foods that are quintessentially festive are cheese and cranberries, and the combination of the two is decidedly delicious. That’s why grilled goats cheese with a cranberry dressing made from cranberry sauce, honey, apple and lemon juice is a great choice on Christmas Day.

Simply place a portion of goats cheese in the grill covered with foil until it begins to melt, top with the sauce and scatter with pecan nuts. This is a great way to use some of that Christmas cheese you’ve bought for the holidays.

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