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What’s In Season: January

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06 January 2016

Just because the Christmas frenzy has died down doesn’t mean you have to stop eating delicious food – and luckily in January there is plenty of amazing produce that is still in season, so the party doesn’t have to stop here. Read on to find out what’s good to eat at this time of year.

Fresh langoustines.

Similar to scampi, langoustines are always an absolutely wonderful addition to any dinner table. This year, why don’t you try barbecuing them with some aioli for a different take on the indulgent treat. Follow this Jamie Oliver recipe for immediate culinary success.

Fresh scallops

It’s all about seafood at this time of year so if you don’t fancy langoustines, what about filling your table with scallops instead. Consider pairing them with bacon, watercress, ginger, lemongrass or chilli for a wonderful supper this month.

Wild hare

If you’re really not into your seafood, then don’t despair. You won’t go hungry by any means. Why not shop around for some delicious wild hare instead? Hare has an especially strong and gamey flavour so pair it with autumnal fare such as chestnut puree, parsnips, blackberry jam and thyme. Delicious!

Wild highland deer

Always opt for wild or free-range venison over farmed as the quality will be that much higher – and you really can tell the difference. Cook it in much the same way that you would beef, but marinade before you do to help compensate for the lower fat content. You would usually serve venison with a sauce – and do your best to avoid overcooking.

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