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Salmon Roe: The Next Big Beauty Secret?

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08 March 2016

While the majority of the UK knows the delight that can be found in fresh salmon fillets, less people are likely familiar with the delicacy that is salmon roe. And while you may have come across it used commonly in Japanese sushi dishes and as garnishes for the final flourish to a plate of fine dining, you may be even less familiar with it as a beauty product.

However, a brand new skincare range has been launched which uses the supposed beautification properties of salmon roe to keep you looking younger for longer. While it may sound like a silly fad, this is one that’s actually backed up by scientific research, with a study in the journal of Drugs in Dermatology finding the fish egg has an enzyme that eats through dead skin cells, keeping skin looking younger for longer, reports the Observer.

The salmon roe brand, Restørsea, was created by Patti Pao, who discovered the qualities of the egg enzyme while at a salmon hatchery in Norway. She noticed that the worker’s hands looked significantly younger than their faces belied, having had them regularly in the water picking out unhatched eggs and shell fragments, as well as herding the newly hatched salmon into a new area where they could develop.

This first hand evidence was enough to convince her to look into the enzyme, and as a result, she created this cream. If only eating organic smoked salmon had the same effect, we’d have the key to the fountain of youth here at Dundonnell!

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