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What About An Easter Picnic?

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24 March 2016

If you've got faith that the weather this Easter weekend will be lovely and warm, why don't you organise a fun Easter picnic instead of staying cooped up indoors slaving over a hot oven to make the traditional roast dinner.

There's nothing more fun than a picnic with friends and family, especially if there are little people around as you can organise a hilarious Easter egg hunt to keep them busy (and to tire them out). But what to put in the picnic basket?

Going full Enid Blyton is always advisable and we firmly believe that no picnic is complete without lashings of ginger beer. If you want your picnic to be a bit more of a raucous affair, you could always bring a little hipflask of vodka so you can whip up some Moscow Mules if anyone fancies spicing things up a bit.

As for food, keep it classy with some smoked organic salmon blinis, complete with creme fraiche, dill or sour cream. A few pork pies are also a must, as are cucumber and coronation chicken sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course). Other treats to bring along include chicken drumsticks, asparagus and prosciutto bundles, scotch eggs, and hummus and carrot sticks.

You can't forget about pudding either - shortbread is always a winner, as is anything chocolatey, so why not bake a beautiful Easter-inspired cake complete with Mini Eggs on the top.

Do you have any Easter picnic recipes you’d like to share? Let us know what you’ll be dining on this Easter.

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