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Top Game Recipes For A Hearty Meal

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29 April 2016

Despite it being May, the weather would have us believe otherwise, with snow and frost experienced around the UK this bank holiday weekend. 

Therefore, it doesn’t quite feel like time for us to swap our comfort meals for something lighter and more summery, which is why you might be interested in some of these delicious game recipes for a hearty dinner.

Rabbit Ragu

There is something about rabbit that makes it go incredibly well with pasta, whether you want to team it with a tomato-based sauce or a creamy one. 

This Jamie Oliver recipe for rabbit ragu is extremely delicious and sees the game meat combined with pancetta, celery, leek, carrot, onion and garlic. 

Adding rosemary, sage, sauce, chilli and white wine will create a delectable, warming sauce, while finishing it with mascarpone cheese, butter, lemon and Parmesan just before serving will really add comfort value to this dish. 

Roast Pheasant With Ricotta And Parma Ham

Pheasant is one of the most popular game birds to eat, as it is both lean and tasty. This Sara Buenfeld meal makes a scrumptious alternative to a Sunday roast, and involves first mixing ricotta cheese with chopped up Parma ham with thyme and Parmesan. 

Then simply squeeze the stuffing between the skin and the breast of the bird, before covering with the remaining ham and some extra-dry vermouth, and roasting for an hour. Delicious!

Wild Boar Burgers

Of course, if the weather does pick up, you can always head outdoors for teatime. In this case, you can still enjoy rich game with wild boar burgers.

This has been popular in burger restaurants for some years, but they are easy to prepare yourself as well. 

Simply bake or barbecue the burgers for four minutes on each side, until they are cooked through. Serve with blue cheese on top and place in a brioche bun for a decadent treat!

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