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Barbecuing Fish – Our Top Tips

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25 May 2016

We’ve heard tell that there’s a scorching summer on the horizon, with record temperatures now expected, which means you’re all going to be breaking out the barbecues at least once a week. If that sounds like you, why don’t you think about sticking some fresh salmon fillets on the grill instead of the ubiquitous burgers and sausages? Here are a few tips to help you barbecue your fish.

No marinade

You might be tempted to use your favourite marinade on your fish like you would your pork belly and steak, but we’d advise not doing so as if you soak your fillets you run the risk of them falling apart when you whack them on the grill. Just drizzle over some olive oil or a bit of balsamic vinegar if you really can’t go without marinating.

Chop it up

If you’ve got a lovely piece of fillet, make sure you divide it up into smaller portions to help you cook it. It’ll be easier to handle when it’s on the grill and you’ll find it simpler to cook it evenly. Remember that the tail end won’t need to be cooked for as long.

Grilling planks

Why don’t you invest in a wood grilling plank if you want to cook your fish to perfection? You can get these in different types of wood for different flavours, but make sure you soak it in water for a few hours first or it’ll catch fire. It’d be wise to keep a squirty bottle of water handy just in case a few flames do catch the wood.


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