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Should Scottish Salmon Be Given A PGI Status?

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23 June 2016

If you’re a bit of a salmon connoisseur, you’ll know that the very best fresh salmon fillets are from Scotland, as is the best smoked salmon. With consumers looking for providence when it comes to sourcing the very best ingredients, it’s no wonder that being able to label a piece of salmon as Scottish is so attractive.

However, according to Under Current News, certain producers are calling for tighter regulation on who can and cannot use the terms. The article questions whether Scottish salmon should have a protected geographical indication (or PGI) status – the likes of which you can see the effects of on Cornish pasties, Champagne and camembert cheese. Only certain areas that produce the food product can use the name.

Some claims of Scottish salmon in the past have been completely unfounded – with intensively farmed Norwegian fish being sold as 'Scots' salmon, according to a story from 2014 in the Scotsman. Others just stretch the truth, labelling salmon that uses Scottish fish, but isn’t smoked in the country of origin. France is now one of Europe’s biggest producers of smoked salmon, much of which is labelled as Scottish despite being smoked in France.

And how about how the supermarkets' approach to their food providence? Marks and Spencer’s infamously label up their smoked salmon under Lochmuir. Of course, no such place, let alone salmon farm exists. It is produced by farms across Scotland, but it goes to show that if you’re after providence, you need to go to a trustworthy source. Read about our where our salmon is from here

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