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How To Enjoy Game Meat In The Summer

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29 July 2016

You might traditionally think of game meat as being something rich and delicious to enjoy during the colder, winter months. However, if you love wild hare, venison meat or game birds, there are plenty of dishes you can still tuck into when the weather is warmer.

Here are just a few ideas for you to try:


Salads are never as popular as they are during the summer months, and go from being a side accompaniment to a refreshing meal in itself. One way to really make a salad stand out is to add your favourite game to it.

For instance, you could pan fry a venison fillet, slice it up and serve it with plenty of crunchy lettuce leaves.

Or, you could opt for a pheasant salad with walnuts and pomegranate seeds for an extra fresh taste.

As game is quite rich, add some sharp citrus fruit to cut through the flavour, keep dressings light, and accompany with simple leaves like watercress. 

For a slightly more filling meal, you could swap lettuce for bulgar wheat and fresh beans, such as Gennaro Contaldo’s Tuscan rabbit salad.


Of course, the other way to ensure you get your fix of game during the summer months is to look for delicious hearty meat to put on your barbecue. Instead of traditional beef burgers and pork sausages, you could find different alternatives. 

For instance, have you tried goat, bison, ostrich or venison burgers? You could also look for wild boar or venison sausages, or simply opt for delicious steaks or fillets, including pheasant, wild boar and wood pigeon. You could even make your own tasty kebabs, such as rabbit or venison ones.

What takes your fancy this summer season?

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