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The Best Ways To Enjoy Langoustines

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04 August 2016

Langoustines are one of the most underrated shellfish, with foodies often preferring to order lobster or scallops instead of its delicious cousin. 

However, this would be a mistake, as fresh Scottish langoustines are among the tastiest seafood available, and here are our pick of recipes to really enjoy these succulent prawn-like creatures.

Grilled with lemon and butter

If you really want to savour the flavour and texture of langoustines, the best way to do this is to simply grill them on a barbecue, serve with melted butter and a squeeze plenty of lemon juice on top.

Lemon is seafood’s perfect companion and helps to bring out the delicate marine flavour. 

What’s more, this dish is really easy to do and you can serve on a big platter with crusty bread and invite everyone to help themselves. We guarantee your guests will love it.

Langoustine bisque

This traditional recipe sees langoustines in a deliciously rich tomato and white wine sauce, flavoured with fish stock and whisky.

It is given a velvety texture with the addition of fresh cream and egg yolks, and is served with rice like a Scottish version of the Spanish paella. Except, of course, the langoustine shells really steal the show in this dish, giving it an intense taste that stands out against the other rich flavours.

Langoustine curried stew

For a stew with a bit more heat and spice, why not try a langoustine curry? You might think the spices would overpower the subtle flavour of the shellfish, but by using the whole langoustine – including the heads – you will intensify the seafood aroma of this dish. 

What’s more, you can add other fish or seafood, such as Scottish salmon trimmings or mussels for this tomato-based Eastern-inspired meal.

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