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Fancy Fish Dishes To Serve At A Children’s Birthday Party

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07 September 2016

It is never too early to get your little ones interested in the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to tasty and nutritious food. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas on what delicious fish dishes you can serve at a children’s party that the little guests will love. 

Fish and Chips

All kids love fish and chips, but why not make your own fancy version with some fresh whole salmon and sweet potato chips?

You can slice the salmon into little pieces and cover them in a batter. There are many different batters you can make, but we particularly love the BBC Good Food’s one that consists of crushed cornflakes and egg. 

Sprinkled cornflour and paprika over the fish slices, dip into a whisked egg mixture and cover them in the cornflakes. Cook them in an oven with some sweet potato chips and serve in newspaper cones – your children’s friends will adore them!

Mackerel and pasta

Don’t be afraid to give your children fish with strong, powerful flavours, as you’ll often find they’ll surprise you with what they like.

Lots of kids love this simple dish of mackerel fillets in a rich tomato sauce. Simply fry some chopped onion and garlic until golden brown, and add some tinned cherry tomatoes with oregano and black olives. Splash some red wine vinegar in the sauce and simmer until it has thickened. 

Once the pasta has cooked, add it to the sauce with the smoked mackerel and stir together with fresh basil and seasoning. For an addition that kids love, sprinkle some cheese on top.

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