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Halloween Fish Dishes To Inspire You

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29 September 2016

In just a few weeks children up and down the country will be dressing up in their scariest outfits and getting ready for Halloween parties and trick or treating. To get into the spirit of the occasion, why not prepare some great Halloween-themed recipes with delicious fish and seafood for your little ones?

Here are some dishes to inspire you. 

- Prawn chopped fingers

An alternative to hot dog fingers, this recipe calls for delicious fresh cold-water prawns that have been marinated in garam masala – for extra flavor and colour – and pan-fried until cooked through. 

Then simply peel away some of the chargrilled skin at the tip of each prawn and ‘paint’ with a tomato sauce to give the illusion of fingernails. 

Your kids will love these and it’s a great way to get them to eat more seafood!

- Devilled Egg Eyeballs

Eggs are great for using as ‘eyeballs’ and you can fill your devilled eggs with delicious fresh wild smoked salmon, very finely chopped up. 

Mix with fresh chives, mayonnaise, minced onions, capers and lemon juice and place a small spoonful into the centre of a hard-boiled egg. 

To make them look more like eyeballs, cover the salmon with a sliced green olive. Then you can dip a toothpick in red food colouring and drawn lines coming from the olive to the rim of the egg to create a bloodshot look. 

- Mackerel Mummies

Kids will love coming home to tasty warm mackerel mummies and they are easy to make too. Simply mash up some flaked smoked mackerel and shape into sausages. Then wrap strips of tortilla around each one with a small space between each line.

Cook your ‘mummy’ by dry frying for 20 seconds on each size to make sure it is hot all the way through, and complete the look by placing two balls of mayonnaise as eyes and fixing a tiny chopped-up piece of chive on top for pupils.

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