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What’s In Season: November

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04 November 2016

Eating seasonally can help you save a lot of money and it’s also great for the environment because you aren’t contributing to shipping from overseas for various produce. But now that it’s November, just what is in season at the moment? Take a look.

Venison meat

Did you know that you can substitute beef for venison in most recipes? This makes it the perfect choice for suppertimes this autumn. The most popular roasting cuts are loin, saddle, leg and fillet, but be careful when you cook it as the meat is very lean so it should take less time to roast.


These are also in season come the autumn and they’re perfect if you fancy a little treat on a Friday night. Either grill, fry or steam them but as with venison meat do take care, as if you cook them for too long both taste and texture will be affected.


You can keep fresh horseradish in a bag in the freezer if you chop it up small enough so if you find some from your local farmer’s market, you don’t have to eat it all at once. Make it into a sauce as the perfect accompaniment to venison or roast beef, but remember that it also goes really well with fish like mackerel and trout.


Another slightly more indulgent idea for your kitchen cupboards but one that certainly shouldn’t be discounted. Never cook your white truffles – simply slice them raw into your dish. If you want to taste-test first, get yourself some truffle oil to drizzle over your salads and pasta dishes.

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