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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Food

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30 November 2016

People who will be laying out the smoked organic salmon this Christmas are obviously fans of the finer things in life, and don’t want to cut corners.

We all splash out a bit on Christmas foods, many of which we will only eat once a year. But have you ever wondered what the most extravagant Christmas food you money can buy is?

Christmas Dinner by Ben Spalding 2012

This £125,000 meal was offered by famous chef Ben Spalding, who was willing to cook it in the guests’ home. It is unclear whether or not anyone took him up on the offer, but he did make clear he was planning on donating 80 per cent of his fee to Cancer Research UK and Hospitality Action.

It is however, unclear how much money would be left after paying for the ingredients which include Densuke watermelon - £2,600, Gold Ugandan vanilla plate - £1,500 and 1949 Cheval Blanc - £4,680.

The meal focuses on a Dodine turkey with Wagyu beef fillet and heart. The whole thing is then covered in gold leaf and £5,000 pistachio nuts. All washed down with £37,000 champagne.

VeryFirstTo.com. Christmas hamper

Those with a spare £85,000 lying around can gift their nearest and dearest with ‘one of the best hampers created’ by founder Marcel Knobil. Again, to take a bit of the edge of £1,000 will be donated to charity.

For your hard earned money you can expect to receive, Almas caviar with a price tage of £6,250, Joselito gran reserve ham, Duck foie gras covered in black truffles, and the champagnes served at Princess Diana’s wedding, £7,000 bottle of Moét & Chandon Dom Perignon 1961.

Of course, if you are setting your sights a bit lower this year, you could find out for yourself how the other half eat by trying out the £4 Cartwright & Butley Onion Chutney.

Ruby Reindeer tart

This reindeer themed tart has a sustainably-sourced Sri Lankan ruby, for Rudolph’s infamous nose for a mere £475 each. Also available from Veryfirstto.com these high end tarts may be the world’s most expensive. Created by Georgia Green they comprise a chocolate ganache sweet pastry filled with salted caramel. The ruby sits on top of a macaron.

“I have been asked to bake some unusual tarts in my time – but nothing quite as remarkable as this. Whilst I’m sure the ruby will be remembered, I trust that the wonderful blend of ingredients will also leave a long-lasting impression on the palate,” Georgia said.

The most expensive whiskey in the world

The Macallan “M” sold for $628,205 at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in 2014, making it the most expensive whiskey in the world.

If you are looking for an unusual present for the man who has everything then whiskeys found in ship wrecks can fetch pretty high prices, so get searching now.

Gold stilton

Originally invented for Christmas, this gold leaf flecked stilton by Clawson will set you back £60 for a 100g slice.


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