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What Exactly Are Kippers?

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12 January 2017

If you’re thinking of introducing some new foods to your diet in 2017 you might want to consider kippers. The humble smoked fish is a wonderful breakfast option and well worth a try if you enjoy seafood.


But if you’ve never tasted kippers before you might be wondering what exactly they are, so here’s brief guide to this tasty dish.


Kippers are seasonally fat herrings that are cold smoked. When you buy a kipper, it will have been gutted and is ready to cook and eat, although traditional whole kippers still have their bones. They’re salted to reduce their water content before the smoking process, so they have a very salty flavour.


When they’re made using traditional methods, they’re a pale gold colour.


Cooking kippers is simple and the key is not to overdo it. They need just a few minutes of poaching or grilling to bring the flavours out and heat them through. Overcooking kippers will dry them out and mean they aren’t as succulent.


There are a host of recipe options when it comes to kippers, making them more versatile than you might think as an ingredient.


You can make kipper kedgeree, use them in fishcakes or even put them a fish pie to give it a different twist.


One recipe suggested by Brian Turner on BBC Food is kipper, spinach, bacon and new potato salad. The chef suggests using them like smoked mackerel to bring a new dimension to warm salads. He adds that this is an easy recipe to whip up.

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