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3 Exciting Ways To Serve Smoked Salmon

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06 August 2015
You’ve got your delicious package of wild smoked salmon in the fridge and you’ve invited all your friends over to impress them with your culinary skills, but what to make with what you’ve got in stock? Here are three ways to serve up smoked salmon – breakfast, lunch and supper.


Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is absolutely delicious and is sure to impress anyone coming over for brekkie or even brunch. Add in a bit of lemon to give it some zing and serve it with hot buttered toast and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper. Could there be any better way to start the day than this?


What about serving your friends some delicious smoked salmon kedgeree? This takes no time to prepare and can be made in about half an hour so perfect if you’re pushed for time but still want something tasty to eat. Fry up some onions, ginger, garlic, cumin and fennel seeds and some cardamom pods, then throw in some curry powder, coriander stalks and tomato puree. Pour in some double cream and a litre of stock and reduce it by half by simmering gently. While this is all going on, boil your rice, stir it into the sauce and mix in a pack of sliced smoked salmon, then serve with a poached egg on top.


For a quick mid-week meal that will still impress anyone coming over for tea, whip up a smoked salmon frittata. Mix up some eggs, cream, smoked salmon, dill, goat’s cheese, scallions and salt and pepper in a bowl, fry some onions for five minutes then pour the mixture over the top. When the edges start to set, bake it all in the oven until the middle is set as well. Leave to cool, then serve in wedges with some crusty French bread.View External Site >>>
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