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Boost Your Concentration By Changing Your Diet

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13 February 2017

If you find yourself getting tired and losing concentration throughout the day then a few dietary and lifestyle changes could be what you need to get back on track.


Speaking to Hello!, nutritionist Amy Morris gave out some top tips for staying focused throughout the day.


Among them was upping your intake of oily fish, with Amy suggesting tucking into some tasty mackerel fillets is one of the best ways to do just that.


She also recommended introducing more nuts and seeds into your diet, because they are a good source of vitamin E. This has been linked to helping prevent cognitive decline as you age, so snacking on the likes of chia pods and unsalted nuts throughout the day is a good way to boost your brain power.


Her other top tips include drinking more water, and swapping your morning coffee for a matcha green tea, which still contains caffeine but also has benefits like helping you stay energised and improving your concentration.


If you’ve never tried mackerel before, there are a host of ways to eat it. While freshly cooked mackerel is delicious, there are also other options like hot smoked mackerel fillets flavoured with the likes of lemon and parsley, or available peppered or just plain so you can enjoy the full smokey flavour.


For something a bit different, you could try the Hairy Bikers’ mackerel kebabs, that involves marinating the mackerel fillets in a marinade made from oregano, lemon zest, red wine vinegar and olive oil, before skewering them with red onion and barbecuing them or cooking them on a griddle pan.

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