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What To Drink With Smoked Salmon

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18 August 2015
Stocking your fridge with smoked organic salmon is all very well and good if you’re planning a dinner party but you need to go all out to impress your guests – and what you offer them to drink can make or break the evening. Here’s our guide to what to drink with smoked salmon.


If your friends aren’t especially into their wines, why not do something a little different and serve your smoked salmon with some good quality chilled Russian vodka. Beluga may seem a little pricy but it’s definitely worth splashing out on.

Dry sherry

This is a great option for your guests and goes beautifully with the strong taste of smoked fish. Serve it chilled and don’t open it until you’re ready to drink it. We’d recommend investing in a bottle of manzanilla.


If you and your friends are beer connoisseurs, then a Czech or German Pilsner will really help complement the tanginess of the smoked salmon. Nothing like washing it all down with a pint!

Dry wines

A dry wine like a Riesling or Chenin Blanc is the perfect accompaniment for smoked fish as it really helps to soften out the different flavours by balancing out the salt content. A Riesling would be a great choice if you’ve got fish on the menu. Why not round up a few of these tipples and do a taste-testing session before your dinner party so you can pick your favourite one? Sounds like a great way to get the party started to us!View External Site >>>
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